10 Minute Plays

flashcomedy_iconThe 10-minute play genre, or ‘flash comedy,’ is a thrill to craft.
Maureen revels in the challenge.

Fast-paced, flexible and funny, these plays are just the thing for producer, actor and audience seeking the quick payoff. From professional theaters to local, high school, and university stages, directors and performers will find her scripts lighthearted and winsome, but with a bite.

To order one of Maureen’s 10-minute plays, contact Deirdre Thompson at Winsome Creative via email: winsomecreativepr@gmail.com or by phone: (612) 382-3883.

Current offerings include:


Hopgood’s Extraordinary Travel

In a tough economy, a lone surviving travel agent has to reach deep down to tap a hidden talent.

Parts:  One man, one woman. (Woman can be onstage or off (voiceover).)

NOTE:  Man must be able to do multiple accents, making this a very good audition piece.  (Have someone read the woman’s part.)

Performed at:


A Bug In Your Ear

. . . Asks the comedic question:  “Can we really follow our dreams?”  Two well-meaning grandmothers offer their grandson advice earned over a lifetime.

Parts:  Two “grandmothers” and one “grandson,” (age 8-16).  (Has been performed with a “granddaughter.”)

Performed at:


Lawyers In Love

Some people find excitement in the strangest ways.

Parts:  One man, one woman (married couple, any ages).

NOTE:  This is a two-minute play.

Performed at:



A group of aspiring playwrights has gathered for a class on very serious play writing.  But the teacher has other ideas.

Parts:  Three women, two men.

Performed at:


Duck Tale

Will a shared meal at a fancy restaurant finally be the moment that Daughter stands up to her Mother?

Note:  This is a one-minute play.

Parts:  Two women (Mother and Daughter), two men or women (Waiter and Chef).