I am excited that the final chapter of GOT IT MADE (complete with subtitles) has been posted to Vimeo.  It is now possible to watch this entire production in a series of fourteen short chapters.  Here is the ending:

If you are a theater looking for a new musical for your season (GOT IT MADE) or a shorter version for your next Fringe  or blackbox production ((Almost) GOT IT MADE), check out the video.


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Let’s Be Each Other’s Problem

This was the first song I wrote for GOT IT MADE.  It came to me after a conversation with my husband:


Chapter 12:  GOT IT MADE (“Let’s Be Each Other’s Problem;” Molly Goes To The Police)


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A Writer’s Blog


I have been meeting with a Writers’ Group for over five years.  We have been through many changes of members, locations and meeting formats, but one thing has remained constant — we love each other’s work and want a place where short pieces can find an audience.   Thus we formed the joint blog Writer Rung.  My pieces are reprinted on my personal blog here, but you must go to to see pieces from the other writers.  (They include a 30-year Las Vegas cab driver, an inner city substitute teacher, our resident Buddhist and a long-time bank employee.)  

Whenever you need a creative boost to your day — check Writer Rung to be transported, amused or provoked by our latest entries.

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